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We have revolutionized the cryptocurrency market. The Triacoin (TRE) is based on a unique algorithm that allows our cryptocurrency to always be increasing. The algorithm foresees the increase of its value to every transaction that is carried out and with it also your Token will increase.

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Buy the Triacoin Tokens from the Buy Token section. So become an investor and you will see your deposit grow right away.

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When you buy Tokens by participating in the development of the cryptocurrency Triacoin, its value will increase more and more thanks to our auto-growth system and with it also your investment will grow. THE SOONER YOU BUY TOKENS, THE MORE YOU EARN.

Safe & Secure

Your investment is safe with us, it is regulated by a smart contract, as a real contract of sale of an asset.

Redeem Tokens

At the end of the countdown you can redeem your Tokens in real Coins, with many advantages for you that have supported our ICO.

What is the Triacoin network?

About the Triacoin

The Triacoin network is a platform built on a decentralized Blockchain that makes it safe, fast and reliable. The network includes various applications and is increasingly expanding.

Triacoin is the revolutionary cryptocurrency based on an self-revaluing algorithm that will grow your business and your asset. The first structure that will allow everyone the profit.

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Why choose Triacoin?

Why buy Triacoin Tokens?

We have based our Tokens on a revolutionary algorithm that never causes them to lose value, but is constantly increased by internal management of transactions.

Safe & Secure
Smart Token
Fast Transactions
Assured Profit
Self-revaluing System
Always on the rise

Info Token

Starting Time :

16 September 2019 (Monday, 9:00 AM)

Ending Time :

30 September 2020 (Wednesday, 11:00 PM)

Market value:

$ 1.0333

Low - High 24h :

0.97132 - 1.03332

Available Token :

$ 100 (Billion)

Cryptocurrencies accepted :


It will start between

Countdown of the ICO

How the Triacoin network is distributed

  • Decentralized Supercomputer
  • Revolutionary cryptocurrency
  • Decentralized Search Engine
  • Decentralized File Sharing
  • Decentralized Artificial Intelligence

What Triacoin will do

These are the first points that will realize the Triacoin network in the fixed time. We intend to expand more and more this unique network.

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Frequent questions

You could ask yourself:

This is possible because our cryptocurrency (TRE) is not subject to the private demand and supply book, so it is free from possible market fluctuations because it is independent. Moreover, its value increases continuously. Triacoin is only destined to grow because it shapes by itself thanks to an intelligent algorithm
Tokens are the currency of the cryptocurrency but are different from the Coins. Triacoin is an asset Token, which means that by buying Triacoin Tokens you are investing in our business idea and in this great network.
The Blockchain of the Triacoin network is decentralized: it is distributed across the entire network and not on a single centralized server. This system makes it safe from possible cyber attacks on the whole system and fast when making transactions.
We will make available to open source projects: you can participate in their realization with your skills and ideas, becoming developers. Also for the less computerized there will be the opportunity to profit by inviting friends and family to buy Triacoin Tokens. There is room for everyone in this great network!

Download the Whitepaper

If you have not yet understood how to do it, you may want to read the whitepaper that we have prepared. It will help you fully understand the features of the Triacoin and how you can be part of it.

The guide is full of examples that will make everything very simple and practical.

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